Lyxor launch GDP Weighted Emerging Market Equity ETF

Lyxor in France has launched an ETF that provider investors with index exposure to Emerging Market Equities Country weighted according to GDP and subsequently company weighted according to free-float adjustet market capitalization. The TER, dividend frequency  or prospectus is not published yet for some reason.


The LYXOR UCITS ETF MSCI Select OECD Emerging Markets GDP - C-EUR seek to replicate the performance of the MSCI Select OECD Emerging Markets GDP Weighted Index.

The MSCI Select OECD Emerging Markets GDP Weighted Index is based on the
flagship MSCI Select OECD Index, its parent index, and includes large and mid cap stocks across 7 Emerging Markets (EM) countries*. The index uses a different weighting scheme than its cap weighted parent index, however. The weight of each country in the index is derived from its economic size (using GDP data) rather than the size of its equity market.