Purpose Launch Risk Parity based Diversified Real Asset Fund

The Purpose Diversified Real Asset Fund seeks to provide shareholders with exposure to a diversified portfolio of asset classes that are directly or indirectly linked to physical assets with positive correlation to inflation and are expected to maintain their real (after inflation) value over time. These assets may include precious metals and related equities; industrial, energy and agricultural commodities and related equities; real estate investment trusts (REITs); emerging market (EM) currencies; real return bonds and treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) and cash.

The Purpose Diversified Real Asset Fund is tactically rebalanced on a quarterly basis with a risk-parity based asset allocation strategy to maximize returns while reducing risk. “Risk-parity” is a core risk-focused asset allocation strategy targeting equal volatility contributions by asset classes held in the portfolio.

By combining these potential benefits, the strategy can serve as a compelling, comprehensive investment for those seeking to not only hedge inflation, but also potentially benefit from trends and changes in inflation.