New ETP Launches during Week 9

Week 9 of 2013 was a hectic week, with many launches across the board. To highlight a few we saw First Trust launch a Long/short High Yield Corporate Bond product. It is interesting how we start seeing Product Providers positioning themselves for an eventual Rise in Interest rates.

ProShares is also out with a new ETF providing exposure to Private Equity Companies. This brings the count up to two products in this space.

Last but not least Alps gave us a new a High Volatility Put Write Index Fund, that is set to provide additional income by writing Put Options.

All in all a diverse of launches, expanding and expanding the opportunities in key places. If there are Launches we somehow missed, please let us know. Consider Joining this Group to recieve allerts of new Product launches..


In Europe:

On 25.02.2013

db X-trackers lauched on Deutsche Börse’s XTF segment the: db X-trackers Nikkei 225 UCITS ETF (DR)

The ETF provide Investors with exposure to a JPY bases version of the Nikkei 225 compricing the 225 largest stock corporations on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

FinEx Capital Management LLP has launch the very first Russian Corporate Bond ETFFinEx Tradable Russian Corporate Bonds UCITS ETF on ISE and LSE with Moscow Stock Exchange listing also set to come.

The Fund comes in a USD Share class with a TER of 0.5 and a RUB hedged version priced at a TER of 0.95


In North America:

Horizon launched the ETC: Horizons Auspice Managed Futures Index ETF

The product available both in a Common and Advisor Share Class track the Excess Return version of Auspice Broad Commodities Index. Interestingly the same Index in a Total Return variant is functioning as the underlying for the iShares Broad Commodity Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)


First Trust has launched the Actively Managed: First Trust High Yield Long/Short ETF

As part of its investment strategy, the Fund intends to maintain both long and short positions in securities under normal market conditions. The Fund takes long positions in securities that the advisor believes in the aggregate to have the potential to outperform the Fund’s benchmark, the Bank of America Merrill Lynch U.S. High Yield Master II Constrained Index.


ProShares launched on the BATS Exchange, the: ProShares Global Listed Private Equity ETF

ProShares Global Listed Private Equity ETF (the “Fund”) seeks investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the performance of the LPX Direct Listed Private Equity Index.

The LPX Direct Listed Private Equity Index is published by LPX GmbH (“LPX”), consists of up to 30 qualifying listed private equity companies. 


ALPS also launch the: ALPS U.S. Equity High Volatility Put Write Index Fund

The U.S. Equity High Volatility Put Write Index Fund (HVPW) seeks investment results that correspond generally to the performance, before the Fund’s fees and expenses, of an index called the NYSE Arca U.S. Equity High Volatility Put Write Index. 


In Asia:

ChinaAMC launched on TSE the: ChinaAMC CSI 300 Index ETF-JDR

The ChinaAMC CSI 300 Index ETF-JDR will track the performance of the CSI 300 index (the 300 largest issuers on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

CSOP Asset Management launch on TSE the: CSOP FTSE CHINA A50 ETF

The ETF aims to provide investment results that, before fees and expenses, closely correspond to the performance of FTSE China A50 Index, which is an index consisting the top 50 A-Share companies by market capitalization listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange or the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.