Horizons Launch Active Floating Rate Preferred Share ETF

The investment objective of Horizons HFP is to generate income consistent with prevailing short-term preferred share yields while stabilizing the market value of the ETF from the effects of interest rate fluctuations. Horizons HFP invests primarily in preferred shares of Canadian companies and may also invest in preferred shares of companies located in the United States, fixed-income securities of Canadian and U.S. issuers, including other income generating securities and listed funds. Horizons HFP will generally maintain a portfolio duration of less than 2 years. Horizons HFP may use derivatives, including interest rate swaps and futures contracts, to contribute to the ability of the ETF to seek to deliver a floating rate of income. Horizons HFP, to the best of its ability, seeks to hedge its non-Canadian dollar currency exposure to the Canadian dollar at all times.