The IPOX Week (1/27/14): Indexes in broad retreat, China A Share IPOs surge, Accessible IPOs trade mixed !!!

Please see below link/attached file to "The IPOX Week (1/27/2014)". 

Some notable developments include:

1) IPOX Indexes in broad retreat: Following the spike in global risk, the IPOX fell sharply across the board. While IPOX U.S. performaned with the benchmarks, other IPOX Regional Indexes underperformed. 

2) IPOs in the Chinese A Share market surge: Following the re-opening of the Mainland China A Share market for IPOs, 17 deals commended trading, averaging an intial gain of +58.05% based on the difference between the final offeirng price and the close of the week. IPOs on the accessible exchanged traded mixed with upside focus on small deals in speciality industries. 

3) Key IPOs linked of during the upcoming week: Hong Kong: 2226 HK, 1622 HK, 2638 HK; United States: CARA US, SNOW US, MBUU US, MWHM US, RARE US. 

IPO News Week 4 2014